Repeat Intervals Workout


No work today, so took advantage by getting some reading done, and prepped for a big workout. It was a sunny day, a nice one, despite it being windy, but got myself out to the reservoir and tackled some 800 repeats. 12 x 800s at goal 5k pace, with a 1:30 rest in between. So I hit any where from 2:27 – 2:36, which was perfect! Glad I got this one in, definitely not a staple workout, but a workout that’ll prep me for longer and faster tempos.

Check out the last Instagram post to see a clip of the workout (it’s on the right panel or find me @chasays.

Cheers to Monday!


Capping Off A Big Week

New Bedford half marathon
New Bedford half marathon

This week was what we all like to call, the secret weapon, the difference maker, the divide between a BQ and another year of training for the BQ. And I’m happy to call this the biggest mileage week ever – it wasn’t easy, but it was fun because of the help of November Project. To provide a quick recap, here’s what went down.

Debut half marathon in New Bedford on Sunday, running 1:15:47 to qualify for the NYC marathon – this has been a goal for a while and I’m so happy to call this officially “checked off my list”. I surprised myself by running 5:48 min/mile all 13.1 miles – I couldn’t have asked for a better weather (although the last 4miles were pretty windy), and the competition was perfect. Finished 100th overall – a race which included two Olympians, so this wasn’t a joe-smoe race.

November Project Harvard Stadium
November Project Harvard Stadium

Then the week went along as usual, until Thursday. It was the first day of Spring and the weather really backed it up. Sunny, 50s, and beautiful. So at the 8mile mark, I decided to make this into my long run, which turned out to be the longest run I’ve ever done. – 20big miles at 6:55 pace. Felt really good aerobically, but legs were dragging the last 3miles – slowed down a lot. But happy that I got to reach another milestone.

So overall, this was a great week, and November Project started selling amazing grassroots gear shirts, so there was a launch party, which was fun, weird, awesome, with a lot of hugs and smiles. Typical NP. Classic NP.

Six more weeks until the big day, marathon day. Cheers to everyone who persistently trained through the cold winter and good luck to anyone doing Spring Marathon, Triathlon, Swimming, dancing, etc etc.

Well here’s to another post – slowly trying to figure out the direction of this site. But look forward to more content!

Post New Bedford Half

Back in the Stadium

First time back in the Stadium with November Project. Haven’t been to the Harvard Stadium workout in a while/ Wednesday Workouts, but it felt good. The legs felt good. The calves were sore, but overall it was great to be back.

Great news is that November Project just launched five more cities – LA, Sacramento, NYC, Milwaukee, Minneapolis (?), which is amazing! Can’t believe that one day, no matter what major city you’re in, you’ll always be accompanied by this tribe of hooligans. Awesome.

Cheers to Hump DaAy!

Getting through Winter Training


It’s been a tough winter – with temperatures stalking around the teens almost every single day, and snow storms coming by and dropping a load without any hesitation – this has truly been a rough season and a rough training period. However, it is mornings like today that while all things seem to be blanketing over the sunshine and warmth, gave me a little “brightness” in the midst of this dark abyss of a winter.

I finally donned a BEARDCICLE during my workout. I was in the middle of doing a 4.25mile tempo and then 6x800meters, and that’s when I noticed a reflection in the car that I passed by – my beardcicle was in full effect. This, in a very strange way, gave me the extra boost to finish the workout strong. I guess I have always wanted a full beard, but right now it is just  a miserly patch of grass. However the icicles really added some fullness that I needed.

Anyways, I found and discovered something enjoyable in the midst of the polar vortex shifting down to the northerns Americas and this is why and how I keep pushing myself as I get closer to the marathon day.

Today’s workout:

2mile warm up

4.25mile tempo in 24:05 (5:40 min/mile pace/ 110% half marathon pace)

7min rest/jog

6x 800 meters (2:27, 2:35, 2:34, 2:34, 2:33, 2:25/ Goal 5K pace) 1:30-1:50 jog in between)

1.5mile cool down.

New Bedford Half Marathon coming up in two weeks, so this was a great tune up. Felt aerobically amazing, but legs were a little flat throughout, which is a great sign – since I’ve been racking up a lot of mileage in the past week.

Good things to come 🙂

Long Time No Post, But Longest Run Ever

#TBT cross country state championships in High School

“Wow, it’s been way too long since I made a post – just been caught up with training, working, and other stuff. There’s been so much going on in the Fitness Tech world, so I’ll definitely have to make up and post more consistently here on out.

Although it seems like Ironwaffle’s been slacking off, I’ve achieved two mile stones this week. Before I get to those, I want to quickly talk about a 5 mile Super Sunday (Run against cancer) race I had last Sunday in Kendall Square, Cambridge.

I had no idea what kind of a shape I was in going into it. I had only been doing mileage and no real workout, so I though my legs would’ve felt flat during the race. But surprisingly, I felt amazing, and it also helped that the weather was perfect. I ended up running a pretty consistent pace at 5:20 to 540 mile pace and finished with a time of 27:15 – didn’t quite beat my college personal record of 26:40, but it will happen soon (hopefully while going racing the 10k). This time got me 16th place which I was happy, but top 10 would’ve been great ($$ prize money).

And now, back to mymilestones. This week I ran that longest run ever of 17.1 miles, and longest run ever on treadmill, 11miles. This is such a boost for my morals and especially during the heart of winter and snow up here in New England. All I need to do is take care of my body by doing the small things – eating right, recovering well, and resting when I need to.

Can’t wait for Spring! Gota love running shirtless.”



Records Falling Down Like the Polar Vortex

galen rupp london olympics

American track and field records have been going down. 5000 meters, 2 mile, and possibly the mile – all indoors, and all by the same runner. His name is Galen Rupp, and undeniably the best distance runner America has seen in a while.

With an already impressive resume – Olympic Silver medalist in the 10k, owning several American records already, Galen has been putting on a show for us. Ironwwaffle was able to witness Galen take down and run the 5000 meters (13:01) and the 2 mile (8:07)  atBoston University’s track meets – this past weekend and several weekends ago. It was incredible to say the least. And we will be back at BU indoor track again for the Valentine’s Race where Rupp will attempt the indoor mile record, American and possibly the world, which is 3:48.

What makes Galen Rupp more impressive is that he has been running hard and intense workouts after having broken the records – thestaple of him and Alberto Salazar ‘s (his coach and the coach of Nike Oregon Project and also a celebrated runner himself) training regime.

Watch and witness greatness!

galen rupp american 2 mile record

Halo Jet Force To The Rescue

What’s the second most dangerous thing about skiing/snowboarding besides skiing/snowboarding? Yup, that’s right, avalanches. For all you crazy awesome backcountry riders, your descent has become just a little more assuring. Black Diamond finally rolled out with the Halo Jet Force avalanche airbag, which is the first pack that uses electronically controlled jet fan for inflation – whereas the battery powered ones sucked the air from the surrounding atmosphere. This innovation is a breakthrough achievement as the technology is now TSA-friendly, meaning it is not combustible in nature, and the pack can be used four times before recharging the battery, whereas before you had to recharge after every use. Thanks to technology, our chances of fighting avalanches has become better.

black diamond jet force

A Whole New Perspective

What do flying drones, high quality cameras, and money have in common? No, not another multi million dollar Terminator movie, and definitely a world takeover by outer space creatures, but more like kick-ass action sports shots.

Drones have become so highly publicized recently. With Amazon wanting to roll out drones that deliver, and a myriad of start ups trying to capitalize on the flying helicopter game. One thing for sure that’s come out of this surge are GoPro cameras attached to drones to capture shots that wouldn’t have been possible without expert photographers.

These toys have become so domesticated that everyone and anyone can get a drone and a camera to film sports that are hard to capture with human arms. You can get these majestic perspectives of the action – such as downhill biking, skiing, snowboarding, and so much more. The scene becomes more than just the person going by, it’s about the entire environment in which the action is taking place.

This robotic technology and compact durable camera has allowed us amateurs to film like pros and create a masterpiece of a recording. And here’s a video made by our close friend.

Psyched For Sochi?

sochi russia olympics

So who’s pumped to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi? From speed skating to biathlons, the winter olympics couldn’t culminate a better mix of “random” sports that are exciting as the March Madness – totally unpredictable.

However, Sochi/Russia has been receiving a lot of negative attention- from topics that include terrorism to gay, it has been one heck of a build up. One other topic that we can’t neglect is Sochi. The city of Sochi. As the Olympic stadiums, resorts, and villages are being erected, the environment around its area has been demolishing. They are constructing a “city” over marshlands and what used to be a national park. But because of the constructions, the animals are starting to become disoriented, disrupting their habitats and hibernation patterns, and the lands are becoming filled with waste, which may be seeping into the water system.

Although this is an exciting time, we have to play our part to preserve the beauty around us – the playground that us athletes, fitness gurus, casual joggers, and all could’ve potentially enjoyed. But hopefully the damage won’t be as destructive as it could potentially be, and hopefully, this will be a smoothly run Winter Olympics, which we can’t wait for!

Music That Makes You Move

Got back from a weekend in New Hampshire – running, entertaining myself, and just enjoying the mountains. I must say, the hills up by Hanover/ Dartmouth College is brutal. If I were to train hard for a month in the mountains, then Hanover might be the winner, and I’d probably come back to sea level as a beast…

Well today was another brisk gloomy day, but also just a physically exhausting day. So I needed a music that made me want to move. And this song got my hips swaying – got me through a tough 12 miler in the dark and cold.

What music makes you move?